Our Areas of Expertise


Protecting Australia's Cultural Heritage

Native Title and Cultural Heritage

Native title exists where a traditional connection is held with land or water. Native title may be the right to use or take up space on the land sometimes to the exclusion of others. We are experienced in defending native title. Whether you’re looking to gain the right to use land as it was traditionally used, such as hunting or fishing, you want to claim the land back or seek compensation for loss of land and culture we can help


Will Writing & Estate Administration

Estate Planning

Estate planning is more than just your last will and how your assets will be distributed to your loved ones. An effective estate plan is also about protecting your assets and wealth during your lifetime and that it continues long after you are gone


Contracts, Leases, Buying And Selling

Property Law

Property law is a multi-faceted legal service. Our lawyers can help you navigate the legal processes involved with buying or selling property. We can draft and prepare contracts and leases for renting out properties. This extends to buying and selling of businesses and advising the appropriate structure to conduct such business

Claims, Agreements, Dispute Resolution


Litigation is about more than taking claims though court. We review and advise as to your rights with respect to a dispute. Such disputes include contractual rights, challenging wills, employment and human rights

Prenuptial Agreements, Child Matters, Divorce

Family Law

Family law includes divorce preparations, child and paternity matters, prenuptial agreements, and a range of diverse matters between families. At ESJ Law, we’re committed to providing non-judgemental guidance and support to our clients. We understand that family law matters can be high-stress situations — we provide approachable, friendly, and supportive service. Whether it’s litigation, drafting a divorce application, or financial settlements, we can help